Young Entrepreneurs at the Notting Hill Carnival London

How to make money without developing an app.

They don’t have the skills to launch a tech start up (yet) but they already understand the first rule to setup a successful business: find a customer’s need and offer a solution. And what’s one of the strongest need after a day of dancing, eating and drinking? In the middle of the Nothing Hill Carnival, these two young gentlemen stick the ad “Toilet £1” all around their house. Blame the photographer (me) for the poor quality of the photo, and just focus on the image. I love it!
Young Entrepreneurs at the Notting Hill Carnival London


  • Hi Stephano it’s Lars from startup Berlin. Thanks for your advise – I have completely redesigned the offer and the numbers are going up

    • Sounds great! The merit is all yours. I just suggested where to focus (and probably repeated it 2-3 times a day. I can be very annoying, I know). See you in Berlin again.

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