Crowdfunding Templates

 Kickstarter Templates

These templates and how to use them are part of the Kickstarter UK Handbook, an Amazon Bestseller, available as ebook (here) and paperback (here). We only ask that you share this page on your social network before you download them. It’s easy and quick and helps your friends.

The following downloads are available after you share this page on your social network:

#1 Media List (XLS)
#2 Blogger Sheet (DOC)
#3 First Email: Acquaintances and Coworkers (DOC)
#4 First Email: Friends and Family (DOC)
#5 First Email: Bloggers (DOC)
#6 First Email: Backers (DOC)
#7 Autoresponder (DOC)
#8 Virtual Assistant Email (DOC)

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