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Welcome! Here is a list of the most common services I am asked to provide, and – if you are new – my official short bio.– Stefano

About Dr. Stefano L. Tresca

Serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and investor — Stefano was employee #8 at Wind, a telecom and internet company that made an exit for $12.1 billion.He’s been featured in “20 Must-Read on the Future of Work”, together with Satya Nadella, Eric Ries, and Tim O’Reilly.His TEDx speech is one of the most-watched videos on unbanked, financial inclusion, and FinTech in emerging economies.His work has been covered and published by major media including the BBC and Wired.


I serve as an advisor or non-exec for a limited number of companies. If you believe I may help your organization, feel free to contact me.

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